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I, Too Arts Collective is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing voices from underrepresented communities in the creative arts.


#LangstonsLegacy Campaign

In July 2016, we launched a campaign to lease the Harlem brownstone where Langston Hughes lived and created during the last twenty years of his life.

Our hope is to preserve Langston’s legacy and build on it by providing programming for emerging writers. We signed the lease in October 2016 and will run our programs out of the brownstone which is located at 20 East 127th Street. 





SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL Supporters of the #Langstonslegacy Campaign

Laura Bang

Rebecca Behrens

Jordan Brown

Alexis Cooke

Christopher C. De Santis

Allison Devers

Diane F. Eisenstat

Linda P. Fader

Ashley C. Ford

Elisa Gall

Francis Geoffroy

Sarah Hamburg

Charlene G. Hypes

Parneshia D. Jones

Heidi A. Kilgras

Rebecca Kohn

Traci McClellan-Sorell

Margaret Medina

Maaza Mengiste

Janice L. Monger

Lavinia R. Morrison

Michael Palamuso

Melba Pearson

Wilhelmina Perry

Katrina Plonczynski

Sandra Proto

Jeffrey Richardson

Rebecca Saletan

Safiya Sinclair

Julia Soare

Mary Testa-Smith

Nicole Tone

Caroline Udall

Karen G. Valentine

Randall F. Vega

Dyan Watson

Michele Weisman

Lauren Wilkinson

Charles E. Williamson

Christine Witkowski