The parlor floor of The Langston Hughes House is available for rental to accommodate groups of 60 or less. We do not rent the space on Sundays or Wednesdays.

The space is available for any creative arts event or film/photo shoot. We do not rent the space for private functions (birthday parties, weddings and baby/bridal showers).

Set-up may begin 1 hour before rental time begins. If more time is needed, an hourly rate will be applied to the rental outside of 1 hour set-up. 1 hour outside of rental time is given for breakdown and clean-up.

Deliveries can take place the day of the event only and must be coordinated with I, Too Arts staff. All items needing pick-up must happen immediately after the event.

All food must come to the house prepared. The parlor floor does not lend itself to food prep (warming, cutting veggies, cheese, etc). It is also recommended that you bring ice/ice buckets if you are serving chilled beverages.

I, Too will provide (as needed), in addition to the space:

  1. Up to 30 chairs

  2. Up to 2 six foot plastic tables

  3. On-site personnel / security

Please feel free to stop by and see the space during our Community Open Hours (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12pm - 5pm). For more information and to check availability, please send an email to

Photographs by Nathan Holmes